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La Roca

La Roca is the Hispanic ministry of Immanuel meeting Sundays at 1:00pm for worship and Fridays at 8:00pm with programs for children, youth and adults.

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New To Immanuel

New to Immanuel and have some questions?  Well, we have answers! Here are some frequently asked questions!

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Most Recent Blog Entries

Alpha is Coming

In that interesting era when we were between buildings (Feb 2003 – August 2008) we ran Alpha. We hosted it at Bramalea Alliance Church and in the “Church Street House”. Our weekend away was held at various retreat centres including Fairhavens/Fair Glen and Mt Alverno. For some of you this may brings back memories.

Whether you have memory of Alpha at Immanuel or not, you are invited to check out the new improved Alpha. We will be doing Alpha on Sunday evenings starting January 8, 2017. The teaching material for Alpha used to be videos (VHS, if that means something to you), then DVD, but always a “talking head” as they recorded Nicky Gumbel, aka “Mr Alpha”, giving talks. Now it is online with a totally new style as two hosts travel the world and use interviews to supplement and support the teaching. So it is the same great teaching with a brand new format.

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Ride your bike to church for Refuge

“Why would I ride my bike when I have a perfectly good car?” or “it is cancelled if it rains, right?”  Good questions.

Saturday October 1 is the annual Ride for Refuge.  The Brampton event has been hosted at Immanuel every year due to our ideal location on the edge of Caledon. If you would like to ride, or sponsor, or volunteer, please go to the Ride for Refuge website.  Look for “Riding for Haiti” if you want to support our team.

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