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La Roca

La Roca is the Hispanic ministry of Immanuel meeting Sundays at 1:00pm for worship and Fridays at 8:00pm with programs for children, youth and adults.

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New To Immanuel

New to Immanuel and have some questions?  Well, we have answers! Here are some frequently asked questions!

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Vertical Habits

What do we do in worship?  What sorts of things make up the “agenda” on any given Sunday service?   We sing, we pray, we read the Bible…but what do we sing? Why do we pray?  Why are these things important?  And how would we help someone new to the whole “worship scene” understand the different parts?  How might we explain them to our children?
That’s what a couple of church planters asked in 2005, and their answer was a teaching series called “Vertical Habits” that has gained traction in many churches and schools as an accessible way to learn about worship.  The title itself is not very helpful, until we un-pack it.   Worship is about our relationship with God (vertical).  Habits are those good repetitions we engage in to grow and mature and learn.  Read more

Syrian Friends

It is probably inaccurate to call them friends after one visit, though the ease with which they allowed us into their home and life was touching.  I have copied this blog to them, so what you are reading is approved.  The picture we took was not approved for personal reasons and so this picture is of a random Syrian family.

I had the privilege of delivering your gifts of furniture, household items and cash to the Syrian family of five this week.  They are very grateful.  The mom, Vildan, ran out out meet us at the street, ignoring the cold wind.  And being Syrian the cold wind is colder for her.  I learned later that they started out in Prince Albert Saskatchewan for nine months.   And when I asked what was the biggest challenge of living in Canada:  “the cold and the mosquitoes”.

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