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La Roca

La Roca is the Hispanic ministry of Immanuel meeting Sundays at 1:00pm for worship and Fridays at 8:00pm with programs for children, youth and adults.

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New To Immanuel

New to Immanuel and have some questions?  Well, we have answers! Here are some frequently asked questions!

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Lesley Center

Well, we solved one mystery anyway.  We figured out what was really going on while Lesley Toussaint was in Haiti.  We thought she was working with BTGM (Back to God Ministries Intl) developing a program here, but we stumbled upon the truth this week.  Everywhere we went we saw Lesly Centres.  Apparently when MDK (Ministry for Christian Development) was building the Ministry Centre our mild mannered Lesley became insistent that it should be named after a North America woman, namely her.  “It should be called the Lesley Centre” she was heard to say over and over again.  Well, the leadership did not see it that way so Lesley went back to her finance background and hatched a plan.  Not only would there be one Lesly Centre, there would be one on every street.  She joined the Loto craze in Haiti.  She tried to hide what she was doing by dropping one e from Lesley to form Lesly, but our super sleuthing skills saw her handprints all over this and uncovered the plan…funding her retirement on the backs of poor Haitian gamblers.


The team.

Tying it Together

Today we did more things, but it was also easier.  That is probably because there was no long hard drive involved.  We started the day with a meeting at the Sous Espwa (Source of Hope) office where we saw pictures of Lesley in her former role and then heard about how appreciated she was.  We learned how World Missions and World Renew, ministries of our denomination, work together here through a number of partner organizations.  I asked Michael if he could explain it to LaRoca and he said, “they want to help Haitians develop Haiti.”  That is it. Read more