We had a good start to our partnership conversations today. Our worship service was a 10 minute walk and started at 8 am. The guys were especially glad for the early start as we were in long pants and long sleeves and ties. We arrived on time to discover an empty building. People began trickling in and so we got to act as greeters. Eventually we took seats near the back only to be called up to the front… not the front row but seated on the platform. Now everybody could watch us try to sing in Creole.
The service was amazing. You don’t need the words to feel the Holy Spirit work and we sure did. There was lots of singing from the heart, a long prayer of confession kneeling on bumpy concrete, an excellent testimony given by Tito, and a message on Acts 3 by Pastor Erick. Monique presented the banner and the regional leader Pastor Elihu (who previous Haiti trip members know as the worksite forman) spoke words of encouragement to use the quilt as a prayer reminder.




After the service we gathered with leaders. We then also met Fevrier and Prince, two more mission colleagues here to help us. Fevrier guided an excellent open conversation in which we learned a lot about each other’s ministry.

We returned to our hotel for lunch, had some down time waiting for it, and then went for a bit of a tour. It was raining, something unfamiliar to teams who came in January or February. We visited Marigot, a fishing village, and watched them repairing a big oldĀ  wooden boat.
We had the privilege of experiencing a flat tire. It takes an experienced eye to find a repair shop but our guides easily did. We again experienced the Haitian art of waiting. We have all been brought down to a slow pensive pace. It is good. It is giving God time to speak into our hearts. Every evening we end with conversation and prayer. We remain mystified and also in awe of the journey we are on and the God who called us.
Thank you to all for prayers and for the powerful cards we have received. Your support is deeply appreciated. We are well and look forward to the next steps of this journey.