Pa and Kra riding Fah among Quebecois

Unfortunately for those of you reading, there is a lot of time on a bike trip for creative conversation. Kara and I plan to come up with a rhyme-ish-ing word to go with Pa Kra and Fah. Québécois counts, so you know.
We crossed by ferry into Quebec today. Unlike last week when the ride met support at many CRCs along the route.


We won’t see any such thing all week.

We had a great day. Perfect temp. Wind low and at our back and a very flat route. We followed cycling paths along the Rideau in Ottawa and then along the Ottawa River toward Montreal. There are a lot of cycling commuters in this area. Great to see.

We started our day scrambling to learn the ropes packing eating and doing our chores. Kara, because of her obvious upper body strength is on the gear slugging team. I, due to obvious detail oriented orderliness, get to be on the camp sweep team making sure nothing is left behind or messy.  No strengths tests to plan these teams.
I think I speak for both Kara and I when I claim as the highlight of the day, not the fact that we did far better than we expected, but that two people say “oh Kara Schuringa and Erick Schuringa, are you married?”ES