Pa and Kra Biking Fah to See What they Saw

It is Sunday so we did not bike today. Kinda miss it. Tomorrow should cure any nostalgic feelings because we start the day with a steep climb and then climb again as we leave the St Lawrence and head more South toward New Brunswick.
We had a shorter ride yesterday and ate lots of fabulous pizza. Pizza around here is about an inch thick because of all the toppings. Very satisfying for hungry cyclists.
Hot breakfast/brunch was at 10 so some of us slept in. It was raining which encouraged staying in the tent.  So far no real rain in the road.
Our worship this morning was a circle of lawn chairs around a makeshift communion table. People shared what God has been showing them as they ride. There are a lot of people working through major life change. Loss of spouse, employment change, major injury or illness.  We have noticed that a lot like to ride alone-ruminating. After some good honest sharing we celebrated the meal given us by the one who descend before rising and ascending; as cyclists we think more in terms of the suffering of climbing that we might descend.
We watched some seals, hoped to see some whales, and walked through beautiful Le Bic National Park.  We are blessed to be on a journey that is challenging, inspiring and beautiful at the same time.