Pa and Kra Biking Fah Missing Ma

It was raining when we woke up and poured after we set up in the afternoon, but our ride was mostly sunshine and tailwinds.
Our first ride day we hung out with Floridoug and today we rode with Niagara Nellie and her compatriot Carol. Doug must have been a good navigator because today our foursome turned a 140 km ride into 150 with three wrong turns. The first had us being chased down by Billy the motorcycle trail sweeper, the second had us on a road that turned into a divided highway (very briefly), and the third took us down a beautiful wooded road by a rustic  cabin.
And Kara had a flat. So she showed the art of keeping your bike upright with the front wheel off while I put on a tube exchange clinic.  Actually the fellow in the far right of this picture had a spill today. Over the handlebars but able to carry on pedalling after some treatment and Advil.  Something of a miracle.
With all that you would think “rough day” but we had great pace, did a new personal best for distance, and bonded more with some of the many great people on this trip. It is a privilege to participate. Thank you for supporting us in this.
Oh, and the title today…along with missing the master of order in our life…it came up in conversation on the road that the group just trusted me when I was leading to know where to go…and Kara and I became aware how much we depend on someone regularly doubting our overconfidence and questioning our sureness with “are you sure? How can you be sure?”