Pa and Kra Biking Fah in the Spirit of the Law

Whatever the weather networks say, it only rains at night.  We have the
soothing sound of rain on the tent to drown out snoring and zippers and when

we get up it is done. Packing up in the rain would be very messy. As it is
when we unpack in the afternoon things dry up very fast. Our shower stuff is
often dry by bedtime.
We started with a flat today. After one yesterday too. So I put a new
tire on her bike. I think she is getting too heavy for the thin tires. She
even beats me down hills now.  So we bike in the “spirit of the law.” We make sure it is clear and
safe but we avoid full stops at stop signs, for example.  There are also
“laws” about bikers themselves. For example, you would think that youth would be an advantage, but the first 10 riders in each day are definitely


older than me. Also, the typical shape of a biker is lean with strong legs and little upper body bulk, and while there are plenty of those. there are also people of every shape and size.
Today was a rough day for some folks. It was wet on the roads and there 
were a couple of falls at an angled railway crossing. We have also had to say good-bye to one cyclist who was hurt a couple days ago and cannot continue. Overall most of us are well and happy, though those riding the whole deal are quite ready to be done.
Every evening now a couple of people share reflections  It is moving to hear what motivates people to come and how the experience shapes them. We have been blessed with only minor challenges like flats and fatigue butin this tight community you also bear each other’s burdens.  For example our new friend Doug lost his wife earlier this year and is processing that as he bikes. Everyone has a story and we are learning a couple each day.