Pa and Kra Biking Fah by the Wawa

Helen Keller pronounced water “wawa”, but you probably knew that.
We cycled along the beautiful banks of the St Lawrence today trying to keep pace with a cargo ship.

We had about 15 minutes of headwind but I guess it can’t always be at your back.
I have plenty of video of sights and sounds and experiences but it won’t be available till we are home.
With zero chance of rain and mild temps we pedalled in comfort through mostly farmland and small towns.  We noticed the penchant for silver painted steel roofs on both houses and churches.   We passed the time playing name the crop or the animal smell, pointing out interesting homes and beautiful views, and of course making up silly songs.  That will be a whole blog of it’s own.  Watch for it under the title “Pa and Kra…sing Lalala”
Kara is making a habit of flat tires. Will have to put her in charge of repairs from now on.
We are part of a community here already. It happens fast in a context like this. Plenty of good conversation, and joking around. And each of these people will help you in any way they can. Beautiful really.