Meeting the church leaders at Mowo

Today we went across the same river as yesterday, but this time on an excellent bridge. We again climbed a mountain but on a paved road…at least for the first part…then it was gravel and under construction and finally it was rocks and ruts and mud.
All along every road we have been on there are children in school uniforms. It seems they are there at all times of the day and we wonder if they ever arrive at school or simply walk around in uniform. This is one of the many questions that arise as we try to immerse ourselves in this world and learn a bit about how it works.

Monique presenting our banner to Mowo

Much here does not work well. There is no garbage pick up so it is dropped down. In the Mowo church community we hear of crop blight, we hear of pigs with disease, we see the senior pastor shaking because he is ill and as yet undiagnosed, and when we walk out a woman surrounded by little children indicates her hunger and asks for help. Wow do we feel helpless.


At the same time we marvel each moment at the beauty of this land as we snap endless photos and take many minutes of video. We laugh at the beautiful children who are staring and laughing at us “blancs”.   We are impressed with the faith and faithfulness of the people.  One young man yesterday expressed his love for his country and his people. We are sensing a call to invest in the young leaders we are meeting. We have no idea exactly how, and we are being driven to humility by the enormity of the task. Yet we are also being driven into the presence of Jesus and pushed to trust God and rely on the Holy Spirit. It is unsettling, it is emotional, but it is also very real. God is at work and we are in a front row seat.
We are growing together as a team. We started as diverse and with little shared experience among us but now we hold onto each other for support. Our Haitian hosts and guides are also part of our laughter and our wondering. You also are part of our team by way of prayers and cards. They hit home often.
Thank you for supporting us on this journey. We are very aware of his love and your supportive prayers.