This morning we got up and had our usual omelet for breakfast…the other option is spaghetti with ketchup…not kidding…nobody has braved that one yet.  Every meal here comes with small white toast as an appetizer.  Breakfast also includes coffee that looks like sludge and tastes fabulous.

Our first stop this morning was the road just outside our hotel where we waited for Pastor Andrenord Joseph who joined us for our activities.  Our second stop was in Jacmel to pick up the pastor’s wife of the church we would visit in the afternoon.  Here we discovered that we had a flat (2nd in two days).  Fortunately, we had Monique along to change it for us…if you believe the pictures.  We have gotten used to enjoying the waiting part of life in Haiti and so took in the traffic as our tire was rolled down the street to the repair shop.  Probably faster than CAA in the end.

Very bumpy road up a large hill

The rest of our morning was spent at Basin Bleu…a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole hidden across a river (no bridge), at the top of a very rough mountain road, down a path, through an abandoned Canadian built hotel, down a rope, and around the cliff.

After lunch back in Jacmel, we went across the river again and up an even steeper and bumpier road.  The church we visited was called Lamontay…literally “the mountain” because it is at the top of the mountain.  There is a plain way up there with much fertile soil and plenty of residents.

The church building is the hurricane ravaged remnants of three walls with sticks over it supporting ripped tarps for a roof and fourth wall.  Not surprisingly, they talked to us about rebuilding and finishing the building.  At the same time, they were able to tell us about how the community’s support and love was carrying them through any hard times.  We met a strong young leader named Pierre Emmanuel as well as the parent couple of the church.  There seemed to be good life in this community, but the ongoing challenge of being a thriving and sustainable ministry is ever before them.

Entrance to the church

We continue to ponder how we might work together.  Our devotion themes each day have been incredibly appropriate for the day’s task.  And our cards from home are a powerful source of support.  Thank you again for keeping us in your prayers.