Here we go to Haiti

Finally, for those of us going, it is time to depart.  We have planned and packed, prepared and pondered.  And now it is time to pile on the plane.  A brief stop in Miami to say hi to all the March breakers and then on to Port au Prince.

We have done a little bonding as a team.  We are quite a mixed bag.  An Italian, an Ecuadorian, one of Motley origins, a blonde and a bald (two terms nigh unto synonymous with having Dutch roots).  Likely just the travel will tell us a lot about each other.  Who worries, who packs light, who forgets their toothbrush, who talks to strangers, who is afraid to fly, and considering our 6:25 flight departure – who is a morning person…soon all this will be clear.

You are invited to journey with us via this blog.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.