At Immanuel CRC, we believe that everything we have is a gift from God.  Each moment, every sunrise, the people we love, our homes and jobs, and every penny we can claim comes from God.  We also believe that they are on loan to us.  Followers of Jesus are asked to manage or steward the time, talents and treasure that we have received in a way that honours God.

Therefore, part of our spiritual journey is to pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our financial decisions.  That includes our generous giving to the many ministries Immanuel is engaged in and also includes making responsible choices about what we purchase in the marketplace. We believe that where we spend money is a witness to what we find important and valuable.

You are encouraged to be aware of the causes we support through offerings; you are called to discern what your participation will be in supporting the budget of Immanuel; you are responsible to make God-honouring choices with every gift he has given into your care.