Code of Ethics for Child & Youth Programs

Believing that God is calling me to serve

  1. My first priority in teaching/supervising/leading, church programs will be to seek the welfare of the participants physically, socially, educationally and spiritually.
  2. I will try to understand and respect the participants’ cultural background.
  3. I will give all participants or their guardian’s full information about the program I am teaching/supervising/leading including start and finish times.
  4. I will not do anything that will damage a person’s trust. I will try to protect people from all forms of abuse.
  5. If I suspect that participants may be hurt by the abusive actions or attitudes of another person, I will report that suspicion to a responsible person so that it can be investigated properly.
  6. If I wish to talk to a child/youth alone, it will be within the sight and sound of other people.
  7. I will answer all questions openly, honestly and respectfully.
  8. I will work with the program members to set some agreed guidelines for acceptable behavior within the group. I will expect the members to act based on those guidelines. If a child/student consistently breaks them, I will seek help from the parents and others to assist me in responding to the child/student. I will refrain from physical discipline in all situations.
  9. If a child/student is distressed, I will try to offer comfort and help. I will encourage the child/student to find the appropriate help for their needs.
  10. I will pray for each program member regularly and let them know that I care about them.