Are you Coming? Please say yes!

Are you coming to a “Holy Spirit Event” at Immanuel in January? Please say YES.

I am convinced that our God desires to give each one of us abundant LIFE through the Holy Spirit:

  1. forgiveness and reconciliation with God.
  2. transformation to be more and more like Jesus.
  3. empowerment with gifts for love and service to God and others.
  4. unity as an authentic community.

The events will be about 2 hours long and will involve worship, teaching and prayer about these four works of the Spirit, and maybe a bit of eating together. I would so love to see you come to learn more about the Spirit’s work and to experience his LIFE-giving presence more fully for yourself.Are you thinking, “Yeah, but…”?

Yeah, but… my schedule is crazy. We’ve scheduled the same event on different days and times throughout January so you can find one single time that works for you (see the options at the end of this blog). If nothing works, let us know, and we will figure something out. We are eager to share this teaching with you.

Yeah, but… I don’t get why the Holy Spirit is so important. The Spirit is important because he is a Person of the Trinity just like God the Father and God the Son. He desires to be in relationship with us. But, in a sense, you are right. The ultimate goal of our “Holy Spirit events” is not to give people an awesome experience of the Spirit. The ultimate goal is mission: as we experience abundant life through the Spirit, we serve Jesus better and witness more effectively in his Name (Acts 1:8).

 Yeah, but… I already have the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that if you are a Christian and are able to say “Jesus is Lord,” then yes, the Holy Spirit lives in you (1 Cor 12:3)—praise God! However, the Bible also teaches that as we learn to cooperate with the Spirit, he fills us more and more. He works in our lives more powerfully. So, come to be filled more, or filled again. Even if you have been filled before in a dramatic way, come to be reminded of the Spirit’s beautiful work and to share your story with others.

 Yeah, but… I’m scared about what might happen to me. This was the main barrier for me. I was afraid the Spirit would fill me and make me do something weird. Or that, even worse, people would pray for me and nothing would happen. But – when people prayed for the Spirit to fill me, nothing weird happened. Instead, I simply felt loved, so loved, and it was amazing.

Yeah, but… I’m scared about what the Spirit will ask me to do. I’m there with you. Yup. When we surrender and let the Spirit fill us, transform us, and empower us, he leads us to do things we couldn’t or wouldn’t do in our own strength. And that is scary. But it’s also real and exciting and a source of unexpected blessing.

 Yeah, but… I’m not part of the “in” crowd at Immanuel. The Holy Spirit is for everyone. We deeply desire every single member of Immanuel to experience his love, life, and power. Please come.

Yeah, but… I’m good. I’m happy with how I am. I’m happy with how Immanuel is. Would you do me a favour and pray? For God to reveal places of dryness in you that need the Spirit’s life-giving touch? For God to give you a spark of holy discontent about what Immanuel is, and a vision for what Immanuel might become if it were to dance fully with the Spirit? And then please come. I see a valley of dry bones transformed by God’s Spirit into a vast army ready to do God’s bidding (Ezek 37:1-14)

Yeah, but… I’m not worthy to receive the Holy Spirit. Dear friend. We are all broken. We are all jars of clay (2 Cor 4:7). But when we say yes to Jesus, he sends his Spirit to live in us. Because he loves us. What a treasure. How can we refuse the gift Jesus desires to give us?

Did I get your “Yeah, but…”? If not, send me a note I want to hear what is holding you back.

Are you coming? Please say YES!

~ Cara DeHaan

Choose to attend one of these events – or talk to me or Pastor Erick about setting up another time:

Thursday January 11 @ 11 AM, HCH

Thursday January 11 @ 7 PM

Sunday January 14 @ 4 PM

Tuesday January 16 @ 7 PM

Friday January 19 (La Roca)

Saturday January 20 @ 9 AM

Wednesday January 31 (Underground)