History of Immanuel

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church was established in Brampton at the end of the 1940’s. It was made up of post-WWII immigrants from the Netherlands, who affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, an American-based denomination founded by Dutch immigrants in Michigan 90 years earlier, and established in Canada since the early 1900’s.

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church built a worship facility near downtown Brampton, at 63 Church St. in 1954. The congregation grew steadily, and divided into two churches in 1968. Two characteristics repeatedly noted by many visitors to the church were its friendliness to strangers and its strong congregational singing.

The congregation has historically been a strong supporter of Christian day schools, and many members have sent their children to John Knox Christian School and Toronto District Christian High School. A full range of youth programs within the church have also been vigorously promoted for children aged 3 – 18. For many years Immanuel has sent out teams of youth on service trips during the summer months.

The Christian Reformed Church has sponsored numerous mission and disaster relief programs worldwide. For decades Immanuel has participated in these endeavours through regular financial contributions and sponsorship of specific missionaries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

With the beginning of the new millennium, the congregation undertook a process of redefining its vision, and began a program of implementing it. The vision that was articulated was simple: spiritual rejuvenation and outreach. Two events helped force the church to take positive steps toward implementation of that vision. The first was the arrival of Pastor Erick Schuringa in 2002, which guaranteed that the church would not stagnate.

The second event occurred on February 18, 2003: the church building located in downtown Brampton at 63 Church St. burned down. The congregation chose to relocate to a new, larger property just north of the Brampton-Caledon boundary at 2626 Mayfield Road. A new building was constructed and occupied in August, 2008. The building plan called for a full-size gymnasium and a full worship space. Difficulties with selling the old property forced the decision to build the gymnasium first which would double as a worship space until a fully functional worship facility could be added.

This slide show gives a brief history of Immanuel’s recent past, the fire that destroyed the original church building in downtown Brampton and the rebuilding of our current place of worship in Caledon.