Pa and Kra Biking Fah Working the Jaw

We go to PEI tomorrow, enter Nova Scotia Monday and dip in the Atlantic on Tuesday. That is all that is left.
Apparently I wasn’t the only one struggling yesterday; many commented on having a down day. Today the weather and scenery along the gulf were excellent and varied with many homes and fisheries to see and a few towns to navigate.
We work out jaws in two main ways on this journey. First is by chewing. For breakfast we have a choice of cereal porridge boiled egg fruit and yoghurt. I choose them all. The coffee is rationed so when Timmies shows up 15 km into the ride there is a long line. We pack a lunch. A couple sandwiches at least. Then every 20-25 km there is a rest stop with cookies fruit chips peanuts in abundance. And there is always water and Gatorade. For supper there is usually some seven course meal and the cooks do a great job.  Good thing I lost weight because this trip is surprisingly not a recipe for weight loss.
The other jaw workout is talking. There are vocal and hand signals like “car back” “hole” “crack” “gravel” “shoulder ends” “tracks” and any other danger in sight. These are especially important when we ride close with others and in traffic. Kara and I have added many unnecessary ones like “trees” and “sign” and out favourites “hill ahead” and “Bill ahead”. During boring stretches we jaw out some tunes. The aforementioned Bill has a speaker on his bike and pumps out his playlist even taking requests. When we are on our own we make up songs based on Veggie Tales tunes among others. Or in a particularly rough patch of road where we point and say
“Hole” frequently, we start to sing the word in many different notes. Sometimes in camp Kara forgets we are not alone on the road and let’s fly with her version of “Que Sera Sera” which is “c’est Kara Kara”. Yup, long hours of hard pedalling and exposed to the elements is having it’s affect. I had wondered, upon discovering that we forgot to sign ourselves in to camp at the end of the ride for four days straight, why nobody was concerned that we were missing….

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