Pa and Kra Biking Fah through Kamouska

So our sunny tailwind days are over apparently. Today we did 133 km into the wind.  And now it is raining in camp.  We may get to experience a real rain ride tomorrow.
We get to see the real troopers on a day like today.  Jim is 81 and he does a day like today at a steady 15 kmh. That is about 9 hrs of saddle time. Impressive endurance and dedication.
Overall we are finding ourselves able to handle the schedule. We are in the groove which means we are used to what hurts and oblivious to it. We are also used to not knowing where things are because we have so many excellent places to pack them.
We also see that those who have been at this the whole way from the Pacific look with longing at the St Lawrence knowing it will soon turn to the salt water of the Atlantic, the goal of their journey.
Tomorrow is a short day. An extra hour of sleep for an 8 am start. A mere 83 km to Parc National du Bic and Sunday off.