Pa and Kra Biking Fah Supported Sans Flaw

We are in New Brunswick, just by 5 km. This is Canada’s truly bilingual
province so we have a bilingual subtitle today.
Our trip was short for a weekday. Only 105 km. The scenery was river, road
and rail all day long.  The back drop to those routes was hills and trees.
Beautiful and peaceful.
“Supported sans flaw” speaks to the amazing support we have on this trip
both here and at home. Today in Brampton half the staff met; things work
wonderfully well without me in the summer and I am grateful for the fine
folks who do great work keeping things humming.
 On the ride we have a support team that plans and preps routes, makes
meals, drives our gear and is on the route with snacks, water, chairs, pumps
and even a lift if needed. All of us participate, but they lead the process.

We have a gear truck complete with about a hundred outlets for phones
and bike gizmos.  Another truck is full of food and food prep stuff. This
whole event is a well oiled machine so that in the morning about a hundred
people pack up, eat and hit the road in just over an hour.
We have been having great weather.  It rained while we slept and likely
will again tonight but we are riding dry and that is a a big deal.