Pa and Kra Biking Fah Stuffing their Mah

Kara says mah is mouth. We eat well and often here. We are always hungry and people we meet along the road send along pies and cheesecake. The real challenge will be to stop eating when we are done.
Today we hung out in Quebec City.  A beautiful day in a marvel of a city.  Look at the pictures. They tell more than I can say.  Top the sites with Crepes for lunch and a non DQ Oh Henry blizzard with at least two full chocolate bars in it at our afternoon snack. Another tailwind blessed ride.
I had two excellent conversations at camp tonight.  There is a wonderful hunger for meaningful conversation. And a plan is being planted to do a ride whose purpose is not fundraising, but deep


spiritual connection. I happen to think this a more profound need in our communities.  Anyway, for now I was moved by the opportunity to discuss and connect.
In summary: great food, great riding, great city, great people.  We are tired.  Look at the pics. 


Thanks again.



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  1. Fantastic Erick! Thank you so much for the time you put into the blogs and keeping us with you on the journey! Great pics too! Nice shorts lol!

    Tracey Geerlinks

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