Pa and Kra Biking Fah Meet a Kalverda

He was not the Dan one would expect to meet in New Brunswick having just
pedalled through Allardville. I had visions of the roadside filled with
diminutive Bruin fans there.  Instead, there was Dan Kalverda in Tim Hortons
in Miramichi.
Today was the first day that made us think about being done. It was
cold when we started, we did not feel very energetic and there was not much
new to see. The excitement of the day was riding on a skinny shoulder with
trucks passing close, sudden cracks and holes, and a 6″ drop to soft gravel
on our right.  That and crossing a high bridge under construction, so stop
and go traffic, with a strong crosswind trying to knock us over. I have
video of this from my GoPro but you will have to wait to see it till I make
a montage of all 126 clips (so far).
We are not routine people and this tour is full of routine. Same schedule: different day and place.
 It is also hard being here with so many new people when family and
friends are far away. Ben is off to Montreal and Don is struggling so our
hearts and minds go there.
     Finally, there are only so many different ways to put your butt on a
bike seat and none are pleasant for long. However, none of our short-term challenges endured with incredible support and abundant food among mature healthy people in a rich environment is anything compared with what those we are riding for endure. Last night World Renew gave us a great analogy about their work. They do community development in a way that allows people to learn to support themselves. This was compared to us biking with support vehicles or a draft line; we need to do the cycling ourselves but others make it possible to succeed.

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