Pa and Kra Biking Fah Haut et Bas

We are, as you may have suspected, completely bilingual now that we have biked in Quebec for a week.  The blog will stay in English though for your convenience.  “Haut et bas” translated is “High and low”.
Today we did 54 km along the St Lawrence with nice cool air from the water to chill us and a strong wind to push us. Sunny pre-eclipse skies made for great scenery and we made our own pace today (we rode alone)
After 54 we turned south and climbed and climbed. Our first big climb and on a Monday so we were rested up and ready.  Once we were at the top we were again with the wind to such a degree that even the inclines were good and the downhill was incredible (for us that means fast).
So the title implies highs and lows, but aside from the landscape’s literal low spots, this trip is mostly highs.  We are riding to raise funds and awareness of poverty and at the same time are deeply aware of how rich and blessed we are to ride fine tuned light bikes on mostly good roads with a solid team of healthy individuals and seeing the beauty of our country and its people. It is even tempting to suspect that God loves us a bit more because we get little rain and mostly a nice push from the wind.  But then rain and other challenges would become punishments and poverty would be something we blame the victim for…and there is enough stupidity in the world so let’s not add to it with that kind of thinking. For today I will feel blessed to receive what I have been given and use it as well as I can to pass a blessing on…even by waving to angry honking drivers… which are incredibly few out this way.  From our lofty perch in Amqui QC, till tomorrow.