A Long Way

It is a long way from Miami to Port au Prince…only 770 miles of travel, but a world away in cultural trappings.  The Miami airport, where we had a few hour layover, feels a lot like a mall when you walk the halls.  Port au Prince airport is your introduction to Haiti.  Before we were off the plane we could feel the heat and smell that burning smell which pervades the air of this city.  We made our way through customs and claimed our bags, then ran the gauntlet of people trying to help you in a way that makes it feel more like they are trying to take them away from you than carry them for you.

Gregory feeling the Canadian cold and wind

Gregory, our bridger who many of you met when he was at Immanuel, met us and drove us to the ministry centre – just a few kilometers from the airport – plenty of time to initiate a novice into the harrowing experiencing of driving in Haiti’s bump and grind traffic.  For those of you who have worked on this property, look at the completed product.  The parking lot was cemented recently to tie it all together.

Gregory started his job as bridger with the Immanuel team of 2015.  Now we are also his last group.  We look forward to spending time in this country with him as our interpreter of both language and culture.

As per usual, our evening here is free time.  We are not allowed to go outside the walls alone, especially after dark, so we enjoy reading notes from home, going over our devotions in preparation for our discussion time.

The entries to the conference center with footings complement of Immanuel 2015
The completed parking lot

Today we leave at 7 am for Jacmel, the city on the south shore of Haiti where we will pursue partnership with the four churches.

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  1. The ministry center looks great! Looking forward to hearing all about your discussions with the churches in Jacmel region. Praying for your health and safety

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